Licenses to Get if You Want to Sell Solar in Australia

Do you have an idea if your company is allowed to sell solar energy in different parts of Australia? If you are unsure, you better continue reading to ensure that you are legally allowed to do solar energy business. At Solar Switch Australia, we want our customers to work with solar companies with all the required licenses across Australia.


Businesses in the NSW, ACT, and Northern areas need to have an ECL or Electrical Contractors from the state or area where the service is given. Since they need to have their own ECL, they can’t depend on the ECL of a subcontractor.

Nevertheless, in New South Wales, there is an exception. Even if a business does not have its ECL but has a building license, it can still sell solar energy under the condition that its subcontractor for installation has an ECL.

From what we know, the treatment is similar to businesses in terms of electrical licenses for partnerships. Moreover, partnerships also need ECL to sell, and the license must be the name of the partnership.

Please keep in mind to double-check the licensing requirements in your state or territory.

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