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Solar Switch Australia helps Australians get various quotes for quality solar systems not only for homes but for businesses as well.

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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need Calculator Australia

As the world shifts towards sustainable energy solutions, solar power has emerged as a frontrunner in Australia’s quest for cleaner and greener electricity. Harnessing the abundant sunlight that graces the Australian landscape, solar panels have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and businesses. However, determining the optimal number of solar panels for your specific energy needs can be complex. Fortunately, reliable calculators help you make an informed decision based on location, energy consumption, and local solar conditions.
Calculating Your Solar Panel Needs
The Australian government and various educational institutions have provided valuable resources to assist individuals in calculating the number of solar panels required…

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Top 5 Melbourne Solar Installers in 2023

With the growing popularity of solar technology in Australia and its impressive utilization worldwide, the number of solar panel installers in Melbourne has grown significantly. As the technology improved and evolved over the years, this reduced the cost of solar equipment.
Solar power systems have provided residential and commercial properties with clean and renewable energy. Solar power Melbourne has provided several benefits, such as reduced environmental impact from fossil fuels, reduced electricity bills, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness because you can save money, etc.
Though solar panels can be installed by anyone if learned, it’s best to leave it to trained professionals as solar panel installation is their area of specialty. Fortunately for residents in Australia, the Clean Energy Council has been …

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Ways to Assess a Solar System on SketchUp When Your Home Is Burrowed in Trees

A house surrounded by green and lush trees is indeed relaxing. Nevertheless, there might be more concerns once you plan to install solar panels. Will the solar panels work even under the shade? Here are some ways to know if a solar system will work for your home, even if it is nestled among trees:
Upload the Model Using SketchUp
To get a 3D model, you can seek help from an architect. After you get a .skd file, you can load it on SketchUp.
Put Some Solar Panels
After finishing touches on the model, you can use a SketchUp extension to position solar panels on the roof facing north automatically.
Put Some Trees
You can go to the 3D Warehouse of SketchUp and check out the free tree models you download. You can put the trees on the model thrice, then position and scale the model each time….

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How Much Does Solar Pool Heating Cost?

In summer, having a pool in your backyard will make you feel cooler and more popular with your family and friends. Nevertheless, when the temperature drops and the cold weather comes, you might not want to take a dip anymore. Have you ever thought of solar heating your pool? Solar energy generation is expected to increase from 11% in 2017 to 48% in 2050 in the US, making solar energy use to heat your pool more promising.
Let’s find out more about this and figure out how much solar pool heating costs on average.
What is Solar Pool Heating?
Solar pool heating is a way of making your pool water warm by …

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Licenses to Get if You Want to Sell Solar in Australia

Do you have an idea if your company is allowed to sell solar energy in different parts of Australia? If you are unsure, you better continue reading to ensure that you are legally allowed to do solar energy business. At Solar Switch Australia, we want our customers to work with solar companies with all the required licenses across Australia.
Businesses in the NSW, ACT, and Northern areas need to have an ECL or Electrical Contractors from the state or area where the service is given. Since they need to have their own ECL, they can’t depend on the ECL of a subcontractor.
Nevertheless, in New South Wales, there is an exception. Even if a business does not have its ECL but has a building license, it can still sell solar energy under the condition that its subcontractor for installation has an ECL.

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