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If you are starting to gain interest in solar power, you are in the right place. After going through this…

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Solar Switch Australia helps Australians get various quotes for quality solar systems not only for homes but for businesses as well.

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Installing a Solar-Powered Attic Fan

Eco-friendly products have been creating a big buzz lately, especially in the home-improvements arena. Solar-powered attic fans, for instance, help ventilate your attic through the rooftop panels that capture the sun’s energy.
The question, however, is whether this environmentally friendly ventilation system is worth the hype. Can it really keep your attic cool during hot summer days and address winter-related condensation problems?
Learn how to install solar attic fans in today’s blog post.
Installation Process
Having the right tools …

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Licenses to Get If You Want to Sell Solar in Australia

Do you have an idea if your company is allowed to sell solar energy in different parts of Australia? If you are unsure, you better continue reading to make sure that you are legally allowed to make a solar energy business. At Solar Switch Australia, we want our customers to work with solar companies that have all the required licenses across Australia.
Businesses in the NSW, ACT, and Northern areas need to have an ECL or Electrical Contractors from the state or area where the service is given. Since they need to have their own ECL, they can’t depend on the ECL of a subcontractor.
Nevertheless, in New …

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Ways to Assess a Solar System When Your Home Is Burrowed in Trees

A house surrounded by green and lush trees is indeed relaxing. Nevertheless, there might be more concerns once you plan to install solar panels. Will the solar panels work even under the shade? Here are some ways to know if a solar system will work for your home even if it is nestled among trees:
Upload the Model Using SketchUp
To get a 3D model, you can seek help from an architect. After you get an .skd file, you can then load it on SketchUp.
Put Some Solar Panels
After doing the finishing touches on the model, you can use the Skelion SketchUp extension to automatically position solar panels on the roof …

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