Switching To Solar was launched in 2010, back to a time when a 1kW system was very expensive. Moreover, there were also a few homes that had solar systems. Our founder got more inspired because he was working at the renewable energy department of CSIRO.

He realized that solar power would be big in Australia. The cost of the panels was decreasing, but their efficiency was improving. Moreover, grid electricity was also becoming more expensive.

When he talked to people who were thinking of having a solar system, he saw that they wanted separate advice. Most importantly, they wanted assurance that the quoted costs were fair, the installation was done right, and the materials were made of good quality. Since the prices were varied, many people needed to get a lot of quotes. That is why Solar Switch Australia came into existence.

After its launch, it has become a famous solar portal in Australia. Our team feels humbled by the number of visitors our website gets.

Switching To Solar helps Australians get various quotes for quality solar systems not only for homes but for businesses as well. You can also find a lot of posts, tools, and articles that can help you get around the solar power industry.

Therefore, if you are considering solar systems, you can avail of our service wherein you have 3 quotes from local and good installers. If you do not have enough background knowledge about solar power yet, you can check out all the available resources on our website.

If you have any questions about solar power, you can reach out to us by calling, chatting, or sending us an email.