What should I look for when buying a solar panel?

In general, you need to check the price, warranty, history of the company, customer reviews, and support. Also, it’s best to choose a company that has an office in Australia.

What solar panels are the best in Australia?

We have a lot of solar panel brands that we prefer. Some of them include LG, JinkoSolar, SunPower, Risen Energy, and Longi.

Is it okay to have a single solar system for 2 or more houses?

Partly yes. If you want the solar output to be shared in 2 homes, you can combine the 2 meters in one. One benefit of this is that you can save from standing expenses because there is only one grid. However, there is only one electricity bill.

As such, your electricity retailer may reject a request for consolidation.

We already have a solar system, but our bill has increased. What can be the problem?

There are several factors to explain why your bill has not decreased even after the installation of a solar system. They’re as follows:

  • You might be consuming more energy at night.
  • You use more energy than you did before.
  • There is a problem with your system.