Top 5 Melbourne Solar Installers in 2023

With the growing popularity of solar technology in Australia and its impressive utilization worldwide, the number of solar panel installers in Melbourne has grown significantly. As the technology improved and evolved over the years, this reduced the cost of solar equipment.

Solar power systems have provided residential and commercial properties with clean and renewable energy. Solar power Melbourne has provided several benefits, such as reduced environmental impact from fossil fuels, reduced electricity bills, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness because you can save money, etc.

Though solar panels can be installed by anyone if learned, it’s best to leave it to trained professionals as solar panel installation is their area of specialty. Fortunately for residents in Australia, the Clean Energy Council has been instrumental in making a purchase decision.

Many residential areas have at least one solar installer. The city we’ll be looking at today is Melbourne. This Australian city has several solar installers you can call on for installing solar panels. The sheer number of solar installation companies can confuse Melbourne residents because they may not know which solar installer to trust or go for.

Fortunately, we have taken the pains to research this topic to come up with the best solar companies in Melbourne and their contact details should you choose to call them to install solar panels. Before we delve into this, you should know the different things to look out for in a solar installer before working with them.

What to Look For in a Solar Company?

When looking for a reliable solar installer, there are certain factors you have to consider;

Energy Demand

Every home has unique energy needs, and homeowners need to consider this before looking for a quality solar company to handle the installation of their solar energy system. Electricity demand among households and offices vary depending on their sizes and the number of appliances in their home. Certain solar companies are best suited for handling small-scale solar installation, while others can do both small-scale and large-scale installation.

Product Warranty

As several companies offer the same service, competition is inevitable, with each installer trying to outdo the others. Solar panels in Melbourne have different warranties depending on the company. The average warranty for quality solar panels in Australia ranges between 10 to 15 years. Interestingly, some solar companies offer a performance warranty spanning over two decades. We recommend going for the duration that will suit you best.


Solar Companies charge differently for their solar PV system installation services. Considering your budget, you should go for the one you can afford. Alternatively, many companies offer installment payment plans to make it easier for their customers to pay for their products ad services. Your budget will also determine how many solar panels you can install.

Customer Service

No one likes working with a company they can’t reach when it matters. Some issues might come up after installation, and if the company’s customer service is slow, it can make a simple issue complicated. Go for a solar installer that has a responsive customer support service.

Company’s Reputation

Certain solar system companies have been in the industry far longer than others and have built a sterling reputation for its brand. We recommend working with these companies because they are more reliable than companies with just a few years of experience.

Client Reviews and Rating

Reviews and ratings are an easy way to know whether or not a solar company is good for the job. If you’re making your findings alone, look out for the ratings and reviews from previous customers. We advise you to go for companies that have higher ratings and several positive reviews.

Product Offerings

One thing you should know about solar power system is that it comes in several varieties. Some companies offer a wide range of solar systems, while others offer a narrow range. Go for the former because, with them, you have more options.

The Top 5 Solar Panel System Companies in the Melbourne Area

Listed below are the companies with the best solar energy resources and installation services in Melbourne;

#1. – Essential Solar

This company came into existence in 2012. Since then, Essential Solar has quickly gained a solid reputation for itself as a manufacturer and installer of high-quality solar power products. Its watchwords include Performance, Reliability, and Quality. This company has certifications from New Energy Tech and Solarquotes. This company’s range of products includes power grid connect systems, hybrid systems, microinverters and power optimizers, and EV chargers.

The company has an average client rating of 4.6 from more than 650 customers. The company charges between $5.2k to $6k for a 5 KW solar power system, according to previous customers.

Its contact information includes the following:

  • Address: 94 Lambeck Dr, Tullamarine VIC 3043
  • Phone: 03 8335 9990
  • Website:

#2. – Total Solar Solutions

This company is based in the Eastern part of Melbourne. It was established in 2012. Its product offerings include solar battery storage, residential and commercial solar power systems, heat pumps, EV chargers, etc. This fully licensed company is a family-owned and operated enterprise. The company has approvals from WINAICO, Smart Energy Council, Clean Energy Council, etc.

Total Solar Solutions is a customer’s favorite because it offers up to $1,400 in solar rebates to eligible households. It’s one of the solar installers to offer federal-government-approved incentives to its customers. The company offers a decade-long warranty on its products. The company has an average customer rating of 4.8 from 27 ratings.

Its contact information includes the following:

  • Address: Factory 1/3 Nicole Close, Bayswater North, Victoria 3153, Australia
  • Phone: 03 9729 0894
  • Website:

#3. – Amazing Solar

Amazing Solar is a solar system retailer and installer with CEC certification. The company also has recognitions and approvals from Energy Safe Victoria, Solar Victoria, Australian Solar Council, etc. The company’s offerings include varieties of solar panels, inverters, and batteries. The company also offers rebates to customers.

It specializes in only grid connect systems, and its average client rating is 4.3. from 3 ratings. The company offers 25 years warranty on its solar panels and ten years warranty on its inverters. The company’s selling point is that it offers lifetime customer support service to its clients.

Its contact information includes the following:

  • Address: 12/260-276 Abbotts Road, Dandenong South, VIC 3175
  • Phone: 1300 025 955
  • Website:

#4. – Smart Energy Answers

Smart Energy Answers is a leading solar energy solutions provider in Australia with offices in several areas, including Melbourne. This company is known for its social awareness, dedication, integrity, enthusiasm, and innovation. The company made a name for itself in the solar industry when it won Product Review’s Solar Retailer of the Year four consecutive times.

The company has verifications and ratings from Solar Edge, Enphase Gold, and Product Review. Smart Energy Answers has worked with high-profile clients such as Volvo and Suttons. The company has a pocket-friendly payment plan for budget-conscious customers. Its average rating is 4.9 from over 500 reviews.

Its contact information includes;

  • Address: Unit 7/225 Lonsdale St.Dandenong 3175 VIC
  • Phone: 1300 732 679
  • Website:

#5. – Sunboost

This is the largest solar system company in Australia. All of its solar panels and inverters have CEC approval. It services both residential and commercial outfits. Sunboost’s panels come with a performance warranty spanning 25 years and a workmanship warranty of 10 years. Sunboost specializes in grid-connected systems and hybrid systems.

Its average client rating is 4.7, an impressive number considering it’s from more than 9000 customer reviews. The company has a top-tier customer support service, and it’s known as one of the most efficient solar power system installers. The company’s current price for a 10 KW solar system is $6791.

  • Address: 2/8 Weddel Ct Laverton North VIC 3026
  • Phone: 1300 786 266
  • Website:

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