Deadlines for System Installation Are Extended by Solar Victoria

Victoria Solar Homes program has made it possible for installers to have a deadline extension with the installation of solar systems ongoing in Melbourne.

Even though some installations did not push through because of the pandemic, this did not mean that the people of Melbourne would have to wait for the pandemic to be over to get quotes and install solar systems. On our website, there are several people from Melbourne who have visited during the lockdown.

On October 19, solar system installations were able to resume after a long period of lockdown. However, after a few more days, the installations had to be done to understand the conditions better to ensure a COVID-free workplace. There was also extra work because of the restrictions before in using the rearview mirror.

For the condition in the rebate of Victoria Solar, installations have to be done within 4 months after the approval of a customer’s application. Nevertheless, after realizing the difficulty caused by the lockdown, Victoria Solar allowed an extension for the installations to finish.  This assures that the standard protocols for safety, customer satisfaction, and quality are kept.

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