Bunnings Eye 100% Renewable Energy in 2025

Bunnings, large hardware and homeware company, has mentioned its plans to utilize 100% renewable energy for its operations in 2025. Greenpeace1 commended this effort by Bunnings and stated that this would result in a 110MW new wind and solar energy investment.

Mike Schneider, the managing director of Bunnings, said that they felt the need for businesses to lessen carbon emissions and address climate change. He also said that their company has started this before and still has many things to do.

Bunnings has already made efforts in reducing emissions and being more energy-efficient by using LED lights in the network of their 150 sites. They reported that this had reduced their energy use by more than 20%. They have also been trying a new technology wherein energy from light usage can be reduced to 25%.

In 2009, Bunnings installed its first PV solar system in Belconnen, ACT, making it one of the pioneers in using commercial solar power. Now, they mentioned that they had installed 70 solar systems in different parts of Australia.

Moreover, they are planning to have more. They target to have 20 more next year, alongside improving a total of 10 solar power systems.

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