Solar Power Savings

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Solar power can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your electricity bill every year. The savings you can achieve from installing a solar power system depends on the size of the system you install on your home.

For example a 1.5kW solar power system can save the average household between $500 and $700 per year depending on where you live in Australia, and these savings increase every year with electricity prices.






Tariff (FiT)# For Excess Electricity
Type of Tariff
Avg Electricity Produced (kWh/day)*
Estimated Savings p/yr** (based on 1.5kW system)
NSW $0.08 Net  5.85 $572.32
ACT $0.21 Net 1.1  6.45 $494.39
QLD $0.08 Net  6.3 $585.46
VIC $0.08 Net  5.4 $559.18
SA $0.16 Net  6.3 $623.42

*The Average electricity produced calculations are an estimate based on data provided by the Clean Energy Council.

**The potential savings per year calculations are an estimate based on the average cost of electricity per kW/h being $0.30 except the ACT which is $0.21 and assumes 5kWh of electricity produced is used and the remainder fed back into the grid based on data provided by the Clean Energy Council.

#NSW FiT is based on AGL net tariff rate, ACT FiT is based on ActewAGL 1:1 net tariff at average energy price. All other states are state based FiT schemes.


Creating your own electricity is a fantastic way to reduce your bill, and there are even more ways you can save by reducing your electricity usage with LED lighting and solar hot water. Why not combine all three to have maximum impact on your electricity bill!


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