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Solar Power Panels

Most solar panels boast a 25 year output warranty however only a select number of manufacturers actually have the quality controls, heritage and credentials to stand by this promise. That’s why installing solar panels from reputable manufacturers with warranties held in Australia is key to maximising your return on investment and ensuring peace of mind when installing a solar power system. Remember, when installing solar panels for your home or business, this is a lifetime investment and an electrical installation on one of your most precious assets.


Trina Solar Panels

trina-solar2Trina ‘Honey’ Solar panels are versatile and aesthetically pleasing making them perfect for both commercial and residential applications. Trina offers an industry leading 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as a 25 year linear power warranty with maximum module degradation of 0.7% per year, ensuring your investment in solar is profitable over the entire lifespan of your solar system.


SunPower Solar Panels


SunPower is a US multi-national that offers the most efficient solar panel in the world, a 327W panel. It is 20% efficient rather than the standard 13-14% thanks to its unique patented back-contact cell technology. This means more output from your solar panels while taking up less roof space as a 1.5kW SunPower system takes up less area than a normal 1kW system. SunPower panels produce up to 50% more power than conventional solar panels and 100% more than thin film panels in the same space and perform exceptionally well in low light conditions. SunPower offer an unprecedented 25 year combined power and product warranty, including the lowest power degradation over the life of the system. It is also particularly aesthetically pleasing being a black panel with a black frame.

Why do SunPower panels perform better?


Solimpeks Hybrid-PV-Thermal-solar-panel

Solimpeks Hybrid PV-Thermal (PV-T) Solar Panel

logo-solimpeksThe Solimpeks Hybrid PV-T solar panel is a European concept that was borne from the frustration of PV degradation over 25 degrees centigrade and the inefficient roof space issues created by using separate Solar PV and Solar Thermal.By attaching the PV cells to a flat plate Solar Thermal collector, it is possible to moderate the operating temperature of the module – the cooling of the PV cells creates enhanced PV performance as degradation above 25 degrees centigrade is limited; the ‘waste’ of this process, the cooling agent, is used as Thermal energy for any application which requires it.


Solar Power Inverters

The inverter is the “brains” of the solar power system and therefore arguably the most important part. It converts the direct current produced in the cells to alternating current suitable for the electricity grid. The inverter manages the solar power system automatically shutting down and then re-starting the system if there is a blackout. It is important for output and return on investment to install a quality inverter.



SMA Solar Power Inverter


SMA is the world’s leading manufacturer of inverter technology. The Sunnyboy, Sunny Mini Central and new high efficiency transformerless inverters are all made in Germany. They are reliable and user-friendly with easy to read screens. SMA inverters boast leading edge efficiencies of up to 98%. They are suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors. Complementary data-logging devices are also available. SMA inverters have a 5 year warranty with an option to upgrade to 10 years.


Aurora Inverter


Manufactured in Italy the Aurora inverter has a transformerless operation meaning the highest efficiency. They are reliable and have an in-built on unit system monitoring with optional web-based monitoring. Aurora inverters carry a 5 year warranty with the option for an additional 5 years.