Led Lighting

Did you know that the average light in your home costs you about $40 per year to run? But if you switch to an energy efficient LED lighting system, each energy saving light could be costing you as little as $10 a year to run. That’s an annual savings of 75 percent off the cost of running each and every light in your home.  Savings could be as high as 88% depending on the type of lights you choose.

Energy efficient lights save you money by utilising Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, which generates less heat than traditional Halogen globes, making the LED lights more efficient and energy saving. Energy efficient light globes also have a lifespan of more than 20 times longer than Halogen lighting. So not only will you enjoy a reduced electricity bill, but you’ll have to deal with far fewer annoying globe changes.


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Changing to sustainable, energy efficient lighting is quicker and easier than you might think, with new LED lights designed to fit into your current light fixtures. At SolarSwitch, we’re the experts in the installation of energy efficient lighting.

SolarSwitch offer:

  • Free lighting assessment
  • Complete energy efficient lighting solution for your home or business
  • Full project management including rebates and grants where applicable
  • Highest quality energy efficient lighting products from reputable manufacturers like Phillips
  • Accredited electricians for a safe and easy installation of your new energy efficient lighting solution

Halogen / LED Comparison Table

Halogen LED bulb Benefit
Halogen LED Benefit
Running Cost approx. $40/yr./light** approx. $10/yr./light† up to 75% saving on your lighting bill
Energy Efficiency 50W globe 6.5W globe uses 86% less energy
Lifespan Approx. 1 year^ 13- 18 years^ no annoying and risky bulb changes
Light Quality can flicker flicker free, same luminescence better light quality
Safety can heat up to 370 degrees so can cause fire emits up to 60% less heat Reduces the risk of fire
Health/Environment can contain highly toxic fluorine, mercury, lead and argon NO harmful UV rays, mercury, lead or argon better for your family’s health and the environment
Disposal contains toxic waste 100% recyclable better for the environment
Rebates and Grants no rebates available rebates and grants available savings on initial investment
Council Requirements does not assist with council approval earns energy efficiency points for council approval helps with council approval and green star ratings

** Based on 50W globe and 10W transformer used for 6 hours per day at 30c/kWH
^ Based on a lamplife of 30,000-40,000 hours with 6 hrs of usage 365 days per year
† Based on 6.5W globe and existing 10W transformer, used 6 hours per day at 30c/kWh

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