Energy Saving Tips


Quick Energy Saving Tips

At SolarSwitch we want your new solar electricity system to have the maximum impact possible on your electricity bill and carbon footprint.

Here are some great energy saving tips you can implement in your home to compliment the installation of your solar power system.

Remember, with the help of SolarSwitch, we can give your household a head start in your efforts to save energy! This means your new solar electricity system will be even more effective in slashing your electricity bills.

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24 is so much “cooler” than 18

24 is so much “cooler” than 18 – set it to 24. Every degree cooler increases your energy costs by around 10-15%.


A clean fridge = a happy home

A clean fridge = a happy home – keep your fridges and freezers clean and well ventilated. This means that your fridge and freezer need space on all sides to allow heat to escape. Make sure that all the seals still close tightly, and are kept clean. Optimum temperature for your fridge ranges from 3 to 5 degrees, and your freezer’s recommended range is -15 to -18 degrees.

Check your lights

Check your lights – switching to more efficient lighting, like LED Lightingcould reduce your lighting costs by up to 90%.

Draught proof your house

Draught proof your house – draught excluders and weather seals can help to keep your house at the right temperature.

Energy Audit

Get a home energy audit through SolarSwitch partners Logic & Form.

Energy Ratings

Reach for the stars – look at buying energy efficient appliances, the more stars an appliance has on the energy rating label the more money you can save on power.

Gas Cooking

Love to cook? – save energy when cooking by choosing the right tools. Gas is cheaper and better for the environment than electricity. No gas? Use the microwave, or an electric kettle instead of the stovetop.

Hang your clothes out to dry

Hang your clothes out to dry – give the dryer and your hip pocket a break by hanging your clothes on the line.

Lose the beer fridge

Lose the beer fridge – an old inefficient fridge can use up to three times the amount of energy of a new one.

Minimise heat loss

Minimise heat loss – close the doors, windows and curtains to retain the heat, especially at night.

Monitor usage yourself

Monitor usage yourself – if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Ask us about a wireless energy monitor.

Replace Electric Hot Water System

Replace your electric hot water with solar – this can account for a third of your electricity usage. This can mean big savings on your bill and on carbon emissions.

Size Counts

Size counts! Choose the correct size for the area you wish to heat or cool. Otherwise your wasting energy.

Small is more efficient

Small is more efficient – small, efficient pressure cookers and electric frypans use only half the energy of an oven.


Don’t leave appliances on standby – unplug unused appliances or switch them off at the wall.

Time your showers

Time your showers – short is better! Also, install a water efficient showerhead and reduce hot water wastage.

Use a Fan

Use a fan instead of an air conditioner whenever you can. Air Conditioners are extremely power hungry appliances and should be avoided to reduce power usage.

Wash in cold water

Wash in cold water – your clothes will come out just as clean and you’ll save about $30/year off your power bill.