Commercial Solar Power


SolarSwitch’s commercial clients have included government and high profile businesses. Some of our recent commercial clients are:

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SolarSwitch specialises in large scale commercial solar power installation from 10kW to megawatts of solar panels. We are experienced in both rooftop and ground mount installations like solar farms.


SolarSwitch are trusted by the tier one multi-national solar panel manufacturers offering your company complete peace of mind and bankability. Our partners include the world leaders in solar technology Suntech, Trina, SunPower and SMA.

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If you are leasing your building SolarSwitch has unique non penetrating roof mounting systems for solar panels. SolarSwitch can also include a special solar paint that can improve the output of your solar panels and the insulation properties of your building, hence reducing your heating and cooling costs. SolarSwitch has Clean Energy Council accredited electricians on staff to look after your installation from start to finish.


SolarSwitch’s experienced Commercial Managers will design a turn-key solution for your business’s energy needs and manage every aspect of your solar panel installation including organising rebates, grants and finance. You do not need to invest any capital thanks to thousands of dollars in solar power rebates and grants plus SolarSwitch’s leasing and hire purchase finance options.

We can pair your solar power system with the latest technology in energy efficient lighting too so your business can reduce its electricity usage as well as creating its own. This will reduce the payback of your solar power and lighting system to just a few years and your finance repayments will likely be less than your savings!


The sun is one of our most underutilised resources, and so are our commercial roof spaces. The roof of your office or factory could be working for you if you install a commercial solar power system with SolarSwitch.

Solar power can generate some of your business’ peak electricity demand and save your organisation thousands of dollars each year on electricity bills.

Solar power is now a financially viable investment for business. In fact, the cost of inaction will be greater to your company. With electricity prices rising, time sensitive rebates available and new requirements under green programs like “Commercial Building Disclosure” now is the time to invest in solar power.

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Benefits of switching your business over to solar power and energy efficiency with SolarSwitch:

  • Save Money. Making the switch to solar and energy efficiency will help your business save money from day one. With the cost of electricity sharply rising every year – making negative impacts on your bottom line now is the best time for your company to invest in solar electricity. A SolarSwitch solar power system can save your business thousands of dollars annually on electricity bills.
  • No Capital Expenditure. Our attractive leasing and hire purchase options mean you do not have to tie up much needed capital. The savings your business makes are likely larger than the repayments.
  • Rebates and Grants. There are tens of thousands of dollars in rebates and grants available right now to your business. Get ahead of your competitors and take advantage of these incentives today
  • Green Marketing. Installing solar power can reduce your carbon footprint by tonnes each year. It is a fantastic way to demonstrate to your customers and employees that your business is dedicated to being environmentally responsible.
  • SolarSwitch provide a holistic approach. We have a number of initiatives to help your business reach its environmental and energy saving potential.
  • Full Project Management. From design to installation SolarSwitch will guide you through the entire process. Your SolarSwitch Commercial Project Manager will provide you with a total solar/green solution for your business. We pride ourselves on helping your business reduce costs, and take advantage of the profitability of improved environmental performance. We will also explain, in-depth, what government subsidies/rebates are available to you to utilise. SolarSwitch understand the drivers behind a successful investment in solar power and energy efficiency – and we have the expertise, experience, history, credentials and innovative solutions to provide you with a successful delivery.
  • Integration is key. Our integrative energy efficiency options will allow all commercial clients to meet their corporate environmental goals and government requirements. i.e. NABERS/Mandatory Disclosure etc.
  • Ongoing Support. Every installation is designed, installed and maintained by SolarSwitch. This means fewer hassles for you, allowing you to focus on what really matters – your business.
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